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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Installing ROS

When you got Ubuntu running then installing ROS is very simple, even for those who never use Ubuntu and never deal with command line before. All you need to do in to launch a terminal up and copy&paste a few command (then press 'Enter'!) from installation instruction from this link.

Note that you can't use ctrl+v and ctrl+c shortcut-key in termical, you can use shift+ctrl+v and shift+ctrl+c or mouse-right-click then paste and mouse-right-click then copy instead.

After follow all the steps, which will take you sometime to download and setup, I would highly recommend you to follow a tutorials, especially the first one  installing and configuring you ROS environment, in order to make sense of how ROS work, how to use it and some special terms that you will need to known in order to change and modify a code.

The whole tutorials take me just a couple of days to finish and its cover all the fundamentals topics I need for the project.

In case of you can not find how to bring up a terminal ->

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