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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Setup Canon iRC2380i printer on Linux Ubuntu

Canon-Europe website provide Linux driver for Canon iRC2380i printer. Just download CQue 2.0.5 Linux Driver DEB (32 bits or 64 bits version, depend on your machine) from the link. After download, double-click on the DEB file and Ubuntu Software Center should come up and you can install it from there.

After driver is installed successfully, go to System Settings -> Printing -> Add -> Click on Network Printer and wait for a while. Canon C2380/2550 should be on the list and you are done.

However, SMART need to set up  a department account (department ID and password) to protect the printer from unauthorized users. Unfortunately, the driver doesn’t support department account directly from GUI. The following guide will show how to do just that.

After you install the CQue Linux driver as mentioned above, you should have PPD folder locate at /opt/cel/ppd.

  • In terminal
$cd /opt/cel/ppd

  • Here you will see a long list of supported drivers, our Canon iRC2380i’s driver is named “cel-irc1028-pcl-en.ppd.gz” we need to unzip (using gzip) and modify it.
still in the /opt/cel/ppd folder
$gzip -d cel-irc1028-pcl-en.ppd.gz

  • Now you should have unziped file named “cel-irc2380-pcl-en.ppd” which we need to modify.
$sudo gedit cel-irc2380-pcl-en.ppd

  • Locate a line similar to (you can use find function (Ctrl+f) in gedit to find this line)
*NickName: "Canon iR C2380/2550 PCL
And modify it to
*NickName: "Canon iR C2380/2550 PCL SMART”

  • And also locate line
*ShortNickName: "Canon iR C2380/2550 PCL"
And modify it to
*ShortNickName: "Canon iR C2380/2550 PCL SMART"

  • Next locate line
*DefaultUserID: None
And modify “None” to your department’s ID, for example
*DefaultUserID: 12345

  • Last Locate line
*DefaultUserPassword: None
And modify “None” to your department’s password, for example
*DefaultUserPassword: 6789

  • You are done! Save the file and exit.

  • Back to System Settings -> Printing you should see the Canon iRC2380i icon there. Right-click -> Properties -> Settings -> Make and Model -> Change -> Choose “Provide PPD file” -> on the sidebar click on “File system” -> opt -> cel -> ppd -> chose the cel-irc2380-pcl-en.ppd we just edited. -> Select option “Use the new PPD … as is”

  • Now you will be back to Printer Properties window, in Settings you should see the Make and Model field is now write “Canon iR C2380/2550 PCL SMART”, which indicate that the printer are now using the PPD file we just edited.

  • Everything’s done … go try to print something.

Reference :
Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 on 11 Jul 2013.


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