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Friday, September 12, 2014

Jetson TK1, day1

I recently got this new, cheap development from Nvidia called Jetson Tk1. The main highlight of these board is that its contain 192 GPU core inside. Unlike another microcomputer board like Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone black, TK1 is able to run Ubuntu 14.04 (ARM version) with decent graphic and response.

I got my board from newEgg website for around 300 SGD, for some reason you cannot buy the board from Nvidia's website if you are not in the US.
First boot-up went fine, just plug-in the 12 volt power supply that come with the board and it will boot into command-line screen. There you will see Nvidia driver install script, just execute that and it will restart and land you to Ubuntu's GUI screen.

Unfortunately, the kernel that chipped with TK1 (at least the one I got) doesn't support WiFi dongle. Searching around the web gave me 2 options.

Option 1:
Download RTL8192CU here and follow the procedure in comment #9 to include the driver into current kernel.

Option 2:
Follow an instruction from Nvidia development forum to upgrade kernel to The Grinch which added support for Wifi dongle and many more device.

I don't think totally wipe out an original kernel (option 2) since day 1 is not a very good idea, so I go for option 1, which went smoothly. After reboot the TK1 detect my WiFi dongle and able to connect to WiFi network with ease of Network manager with GUI.

After a while (like 10 minutes) I thought move on to The Grinch (option 2) might be a better ideal because I am planing to install ROS and OpenCV onto it, upgrade a kernel after will not be so easy.

That's when problems start to come up ...

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